Sunday, February 3, 2008

Last night we had a relly big adventure, we camped in Las Copas Beach.  The journey was like the one we did two weeks ago, but this time we camped the night.  We arrived in the afternoon so we had sunlight to set up the tents.  And by the time the night fell we were having steak meat we cooked.  After eating dinner we lighted a bomfire and we talked for a while before we got tired.

We were about to sleep when we noticed something awful, the sand was incredibly hard! Everyone would think that sleeping in sand is comofrtable, but there is a thing with sand dunes: the very top of the dune is the softest part, whille the bottom is the hardest.  Since we didn't want the wind to be striking us, we camped in the bottom of the dune, so the dune would cover the wind, we messed up. Our night wasn't really comfortable.


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