Thursday, January 31, 2008

Here, in the city of Los Mochis I found a very interesting job oportunity, video editing.  Video editing is a thing that is really easy to learn, yet only a few know how to do it.  But why is it a job opportunity? Because big companies charge around $500 pesos for a 10 min. video edited.  And there's my bussiness, those little school proyects that have to be done, but are not worth those $500 pesos.

And it all started when my friends called me and asked me if I could do them a little favor, and I said yes.  They asked me to edit their video and I wasn't planning on charging them, but when I was done they gave like $50 pesos.  Then, months later I was called again, but this time I didn't know the people in the team, but they said they would pay me $100 pesos if I did, so I accepted the deal. And I kept getting called like that, right now people pay me like $150~$200 pesos.

What I think happened is that some people saw the video and saw my name in there (I always write my name in the credits, that's how I publicise myself), and they liked the quality of the editing, so they called me.  And I think that, for a team of 10, $100 pesos means $10 pesos per person, so it's not really expensive, that's why my service is so popular.  I edit around 1~3 videos every two weeks, so I earn around $200~$500 pesos every two weeks.  And the best part about this job is that I enjoy it!


TiogaRV said...


I believe that the job that you invented--editing videos--, is just plain fantastic! Wow!


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