Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I wrote a while ago how I felt when I wrote in English, but now I'm gonna write the history behind my writing. I remember learning to writewas fun. It all happened back in kindertgarden, on my 3rd grade. I used to have a book a very good book, and in the cover it had a giraffe. In it I had to write the same letter, circle or line a lot of times in the same page, and it was tiring, but still, never lost its fun. After I had done tons of circles, dots and lines we started to read and write simple words like mom or dad, and after a little while we were writing short sentences. At the end, learning to write was fun.


TiogaRV said...

I am surprised and impressed with your accomplishments in the English language. It is soooooooo good!

You definitely have a language talent, and are a lucky guy.

I should know about that. I have very little language talent. It has taken me years to learn to speak simple Spanish!

A Midnight Rider said...

I found dad's bike blog and linked here. Your information on HDTV is excellent. I am in the market for one and you have given me a really good education on how they work. I never would have known about the cables.

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